Later Life and Planning

Later Life and Care Planning

At Kenneth Bush we understand the worries and concerns that many families have when it comes to providing the best care and legal support for elderly parents and relatives.

We are able to advise families on the different types of long term care options available, including the funding of care, and what you can do to safeguard your loved one’s welfare, assets and personal finances.

We offer one to one dedicated support to co-ordinate all of the requirements for care, whether in a persons own home or in another care setting.  We have personal experience of arranging care for our own relatives and are able to empathise with some of the difficulties which can be encountered when putting arrangements in place.  We work with local specialists in care advocacy and care provision, local independent financial advisors and offer our own legal services to provide the best outcome not only for the person requiring care but also those making the arrangements.

We will tailor our support to meet your requirements and can either manage part of or the whole process or refer you to our network of local providers.  Our aim is to make sure you can make an informed decision on the options available and to help remove some of the worry, stress and uncertainty that these situations can create.

Our department covers a range of services dedicated to providing legal support for the elderly, but our main areas of specialism include the following:

Making Court of Protection Applications

If someone you love does not have the mental capacity to look after themselves, we can make an application to the Court of Protection, appointing someone as a Deputy or Attorney to deal with their financial affairs whilst they are unable to do so. This person can be a family member, very close friend, or a professional advisor such as a solicitor.


Preparing and registering Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs)

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document, which is drawn up for the benefit of future planning. In the same way as a will is used to specify your wishes after your death, you can also prepare an LPA in advance to make provisions should you become mentally incapacitated.

For further information please see our guidance leaflet:

Later Life and Care Planning Downloadable LPA Guide

Advising on selecting a residential care home

If you need advice on selecting a residential care home, we will help you make sense of the different types of long term care available, and advise on what questions to ask when evaluating different care home options and visiting these establishments.

Paying for long term care – care solutions

One question we are increasingly asked is how to pay for long-term care. Understandably this can be quite a worry for many families. At Kenneth Bush we will tell you about all the different funding options available to you, and where possible, help you save money on care home fees through a specialist service set up to manage and co-ordinate all aspects of long term care.

Our Later Life and Care Planning Team