Wills, Inheritance Planning and Estates

Wills and Inheritance Planning

The consequences of dying without a valid will can lead to problems in the future. Your property and financial assets may not go to the people you want to benefit, particularly if those people are not related to you or you wish to benefit charities.

We pride ourselves on preparing wills that are individually tailored to your circumstances. We meet with you in person, and will help you think about getting your affairs in order, suggesting how your wishes can be achieved, including appointing guardians for your children in the event of your death. We will discuss your financial assets and consider inheritance tax planning and our experts can advise you on the tax implications and if appropriate suggest ways to reduce the inheritance tax that may be due on your death.

Applying for probate and administering an estate

Losing someone you love or who is close to you is a deeply traumatic experience and very often the tasks ahead of you seem daunting. There are practical issues to take care of both immediately and at later stages at times when you may be coping with grief.

Our friendly and experienced team can offer you advice and guidance to help you through the things that need to be done at these difficult times.


Trusts can be created for many different reasons, for example to provide for young children or grandchildren or other dependents who may need the protection and assistance a trust and trustees can offer in dealing with financial affairs.

If getting to our offices is difficult, we can offer visits away from the office such as in your home or in residential care homes. We also often assist in emergency situations, for example when a will needs to be prepared quickly or urgently.

Within our team we have over 25 years’ experience of helping clients with their wills and as a WIQS accredited firm we follow the Law Society’s best practice principles. We understand that your will deals with more than just your financial assets, so please contact us for personal and reliable advice. We can review or update existing wills, and recommend you do so at least every 3 to 5 years.

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Further information is available in our guidance leaflets:

Guide to Making a Will

Guide to Estate Administration

FAQs about Wills, Inheritance Planning and Estates

For answers to some of the frequently asked questions we receive for wills, inheritance planning and estates such as how do I make a will, do I need a grant of probate and are there any inheritance tax implications if I make gifts during my lifetime, please click here.

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