Corporate and Commercial FAQs

Do I need any Partnership or Shareholder Agreement?

If you are a partner or shareholder in a business then, it is important that you have a written agreement setting out your rights and obligations and those of the people that you are in business with. For example, if you are in partnership how will you make decisions on “key” matters such as expenditure. Do you all have to agree or only a certain number of you? How are profits and losses to be shared? What will you do if there is a dispute? If one of your partners decides to leave the business how much warning do they need to give you? If you are a shareholder what safeguards are there for your investment? How is any dividend going to be paid on your shares? If you want to sell you shares are there going to be any restrictions on who you can sell to? What price will you get for them? At Kenneth Bush we will advise you on what is the best way to protect your business investment. For detailed advice on partnership and shareholder agreements please contact a member of our Corporate & Commercial Team.

Why do I need Terms and Conditions of Business?

Whether you are supplying goods or providing services then, it is essential that you have written terms and conditions setting out the nature of your obligations to your customers to include limiting your liability in the event of things going wrong. If there is a problem over such matters as late delivery or payment then, if you have not got terms and conditions already in place you have already put yourself at a significant disadvantage. At Kenneth Bush we offer a specialist service which will advise you on the terms and conditions that are right for you and your business. It may be that you simply want us to review your existing terms and conditions or, put something in place for the very first time. Whatever the job, whatever the line of business, our specialist corporate and commercial department will be happy to advice you.

I am thinking of letting my property to a business – do I really need a lease?

If you are letting out property then, it is essential that you have a properly drawn up lease. You and the tenant need to know where you stand – for example, who is liable for any repairs that have to be carried out to the property, is the rent always going to stay the same or will it be increased and if things go wrong how quickly can you get your property back. At Kenneth Bush our corporate and commercial department will draw up a lease that will protect you and your property.